Fortunes of War

from Tell The Truth by Tiff Randol



This is my intimate take on Iron Maiden "Fortunes of War". Steven Harris' ability to depict such pain and tragedy in these lyrics stirred something deep inside me. The haunting lyrics capture the tragedy of someone left alone to deal with wounds that inevitably tear apart his sanity. Ultimately, this soul recognizes his broken spirit, leaving him with one question: "Do I have the strength to carry on?"

I had been reading about the opioid crisis, which has touched all of us in some way. Specifically, this article:

And somehow it brought “Fortunes of War” to mind. Instantly, I heard the pain of war, the silent torment of a life stolen, and the outrage from being abandoned by a government body whose sole purpose should be to protect us. So to those and their loved ones, who are dealing with this, my intention here is have you feel seen and heard. That your pain is valid. And that we are rooting for your recovery, screaming for justice, and voting for change.


After the war and now that they've sent us homeward
I can't help but feel on my own
No one can see what this conflict has done to
The minds of the men on their way home

Scarred for life but it's not my flesh that's wounded
So how can I face this torment alone
Vivid scenes and recurring nightmares
I lay there and sweat until it gets light...

Fortunes of War
Fortunes of war
no pain anymore

People say "Don't worry"
that time's a perfect healer
That the nightmares will come to pass
Can't hear what they're saying
Living in my own world
Feeling trance like all the time

I hear voices in my head
Could I really be going crazy?
At night the visions seem so real
Do you care if you live or die
When you laugh are you really crying
You're not sure what's real anymore
You're not sure what's real anymore

Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war
no pain anymore
You're not sure what's real anymore
You're not sure what's real anymore

Sometimes when I wake I feel my spirit's broken
Do I have the strength to carry on?
I feel my spirit's broken I feel my spirit's broken


from Tell The Truth, released March 1, 2020
written by Steven Harris


all rights reserved



Tiff Randol Los Angeles, California

As heard on ABC's The Lying Game, Royal Pains, CBS, People’s Choice Awards, MTV, The Hills, N-Degrassi, VH1, Bravo, Comedy Central, Barnes & Noble Nook Commercial and more ...

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